Per our conversation, I tried to get good groupings of two horizontals and one vertical print. The first group contains a vertical you haven't seen, but I think you'll like.

I don't have a good vertical in the second group (Big Sur/Central Coast), but I am going to be there in two weeks. Maybe something good will appear. Maybe we'll skip the Central Coast.

The third group (Grand Canyon) has some images you haven't seen. Your feedback would be appreciated.

I did another Group 3. This time of Yosemite at night. You haven't seen two of them.

Group 4 is a coherent red rock mix, with blue skies. I think they all work together well.

Group 1. Wasatch Mountains in the Fall.

Sunset and storm on Mt. Timpanogos

Light rays framed by Aspens

Sunbeam over Sundance

Group 2 Big Sur & Central coast

McWay Falls and Amaryllis Belladonna

Point Lobos sunset

Group 3 Grand Canyon flowing water

Above Deer Creek Falls, Grand Canyon

Elves Chasm, Grand Canyon

Nankoweep Granary

Group 4 Red rock country with blue skies

Bryce sunrise after storm

Horseshoe Bend

Upper Antelope Canyon sunbeam & sand

Alternate. Yosemite at night

Moonrise from Glacier Point

Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite moon bow

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